Peru is a country that seems to be full of life, color, mystery and adventure. We hope we are able to explore this amazing country one day! 

My home translation:

Turn this beautiful fabric into seat cushions, pillows or maybe a table runner.

I love mixing art work, something I have learned to appreciate from my husband. I love the contrast of these two pieces of art. 


:( I'm sorry...

     I have been a lag about posting lately just have been insanely busy...but I will be back right after this weekend. The hubby and I are going away to Laguna Beach for our late one year anniversary celebration...so I will leave you with some eye candy! I will come back with a great post I promise...well I hope anyways :) Have a fun weekend!

Don't you just want to take an adventure in one of these spots....what adventure will you do this weekend?


the look of spring...

    I love to shop during this time of year. I love spring&summer the dresses are flowy, the sandals are strappy, the platforms high and all things are airy and girlie!
                                                      These are just a few things on my wish list...




  It is officially our one year wedding anniversary!! I am so happy this first year was amazing!! We have already lived in our first little apartment, went on a few trips to New York, N. Carolina, Virginia, Mexico and Washington D.C. We have so much to look forward to we cannot wait to travel the world together!

I love my husband!!
Happy One Year Rick!!


Sorry everyone for my tardiness Blogger was under construction but I am back...for anyone who cares lol :)!!!! Here is a little bit of eye candy!
Now I want some yellow curtains they are so fresh and elegant!



     There are so many gorgeous places that were created in this world! It is impossible to not get inspired when you see a colorful place like India. I am going to start a new weekly post about inspiring places, like India, and the amazing design ideas you can capture and put in your own home!

my home translation:

What places inspire you? 



 Just had a great early ( for a saturday) morning with one of my closest girlfriends. We went to get our legs waxed down in L.A. then had a great breakfast at a little cafe down there. I love mornings filled with laughs and great stories.

Well this wasn't exactly the picture I was wanting to go with this post but how cute really...come on!!