This has been a pretty packed week, but with all things fall related which makes me one happy girl.
At work we had a pumpkin carving contest, party pig sadly did not come out on top although she did in our hearts. We also had a costume contest, and not to toot our own horns but the winners...uugh uumm...Christal, Lyna and myself totally rocked it.  Yes, we went as the movie up, and you might be saying, " seen it" but have you ever seen a more perfect old man Karl, or a cuter Russel I think not. I was the house decked with balloons and all if you did not get that already.

    This weekend is packed with even more Halloween fun with pumpkin carving, apple cider sippin' at Oak Glenn, costume party and hopefully more homemade pumpkin bread. Yes it is good to be in Fall.

     We also went to a family Halloween party Rick went as Darth Vader again lol and I went as sushi it was a little last minute :).

Tell me about your weekend plans or anything fun and creative I am really in that mood right now.




          I love Great Britain very much it is very close to my heart. While living on the other side of the pond one place I would have loved to have been able to travel to is  Scotland, but I never got the opportunity. Scotland seems full of love and life. A place we could cuddle up next to a warm fireplace while the weather freezes outside, and still have laughs all night.

My home translation:


    I am sorry I have been busy hence the lack of posts, but I wanted to post a few late photos from my birthday trip to San Diego with my hubby.

Dinner at Casa De Reyes

...a little old town...
...Balboa park...
...We heard this amazing singer busking at Balboa Park...
We went back to get his name and tell him how rockin' he was, but he vanished...
...Dinner at one of the hippest restaurants with the best food. I know I talk about 
Amazing restaurants all the time, but this one really really was...we got to grill our own food! :)
Oh by the way it is called The Riviera.
...We started with all of this...
...and ended it like this how we do it I do not know. 
That is exactly why we are eating better now :)
...Lastly a get together with loved ones perfect 25th birthday!



              I love this photo so very much. I am going to do a mood board of my own version of this room!