The husband and I are major foodies. We love discovering new restaurants especially little family run, hole in the wall places. We went on a date last night, with the help of a gift card from our friends, Michael and Julie, we went to an amazing spot, Bann Thai. It is the perfect little hole in the wall, family run, thai restaurant with amazing food, great customer service and it is just the cutest little place.

In our eyes since food and travel go hand in hand, whenever we find a great restaurant we get in our inspired travel moods. We think of all the places we would go right that second, the type of vacation where you just drop everything and leave. 

Here are a few things that we are loving right now:

The fried bananas with coconut icecream...AMAZING

a quick trip to either Fiji or Thailand...



laying in a hammock with nothing to do...


shopping in exotic market places...


We love being in the travel mood now the only thing left to do is go!!


Neiman Marcus and Dean&Deluca

I know this is a late post but I was going over photos and I came across a few more from N.C.
The family and I took a day trip up to Charlotte, Rick and I quickly fell in love. The shopping and scenery in that city is to die for. While we were "shopping" more like ,eyeballing all the amazingly expensive items that we could only dream of, we came across Neiman Marcus. We headed straight for the home section and I snapped a few pictures of my favorite things there.

By the way some of the best vanilla chai tea lattes you will ever have...just don't mix it with aged cheese , or you will get very very sick I would know :). Oh and thats my beautiful sister, Amber, and her great boyfriend,Chris. 



Nothing is more fun to me, design wise, then seeing some great Before & Afters, especially ones that come from the amazing blog Design*Sponge.  Here are just a few simple ones that are so easy but can really make a difference in anyones home!!

This headboard is so simple and easy, but really makes a statement. See Carissa ( my best friend) if your reading this by chance we can do something easy for your room just saying :).

This kitchen makeover just blows my mind! It turned from a grandma kitchen...no offense to any grandmas out there lol, to this clean lovely kitchen. 

Lastly this great side desk transformation...people are just so creative!

If you want to see how to do these projects or are just interested in seeing more, before&afters, then please go visit Design*Sponge they are fantastic. 



I love bright colored front doors. What better way to welcome guests into your home then having them walk through a bright red glossy door! Here are a few of my favorite doors!!



Curb appeal... not a new concept for most people, but still such 
an important factor for a home. Great curb appeal can do wonders 
especially if you are trying to sell, rent or even just improve the look and value of your home. 
In saying all of that we are doing just that to my mother in laws home, improving
 her curb appeal. We recently put in grass and just doing that the look of the 
house has improved ten fold. Bad news....we are in the desert summer here
and it is taking a tole on that poor baby grass. Therefore the hubby and I took
a glorious trip to Home Depot last night ,
( I say glorious because I LOVE home depot
the smell, the access to all things DIY I LOVE IT),
 we picked up some miracle grow grass spray, fertilizer all things to whip that grass back into shape.
We are actually going to go work on that right about now. I will try and post some before shots
of the yard and some afters, because once we are done this house will hopefully have beautiful
curb appeal like a few of these homes!!

p.s. You do not needs tons of money to improve your curb appeal. A few extra                                     
plants some glazed pots, some solar lights anything to spruce that yard up! :)




The 4th of July is a great day to spend with family, bbq, and have fun with fireworks.
As we are celebrating this weekend please remember that we have 
 tons of men and women our there still fighting to keep our freedom!
Please keep our military and their families in your prayers this holiday weekend!




Which city is the greatest city in the world? According to my husband that could only be one place,
New York City!! We took a trip over there this last September as a birthday present for
Rick, and I must say I fell in love. The city lights, crowded streets, the fantastic shopping, and
the delicious food from the street vendors equals one amazing place.

 ~That is why I am dedicating this post to my wonderful husband~

My home translation:

1 sleek sofa +

2 Robert Longo pieces (the hubbies fav)+

3 rocking pendant lamps ( I love them all)+

1 stainless steel coffee table+

1 cozy fireplace=

Our N.Y penthouse pie in the sky 
oh to dream!!