The Christmas season is coming to an end and I need to admit that I always get the Christmas blues. I know I am too old now to really be feeling that, but the hubby and I both just love this time of year so much. We do have a few more holiday celebrations coming up like New Year's this weekend, and in a few short weeks another Christmas with my family in N.C. I am sorry if some of you are sick of reading and seeing all things Christmas, but this will be my last. I just lied I will most likely post a few pictures from our family Christmas so sorry to all you Christmas haters. I hope your holiday season was blessed and filled with all of the people you love and cherish the most.

My brother in law reading the True Christmas story.

 My brother in law, hubby and father in law they are all so handsome.



       I wanted to do a quick follow up to my post the other day on interior decorating ideas that can be taken from fashion. I discovered this amazing photo from Layers of Meaning via Pinterest.

This photo is beautiful and it inspired me to do a mini home translation.
P.s I would love to us my olioboard on this, but it is not loving me right now.



        My latest flavor of the week has been the cool website Chictopia. I love how fashion and interior decorating go hand in hand. Looking at some amazing outfits with the colors and textures can completely inspire an entire room design for me and vice versa. Some of these ladies have some serious style,and here are a few of my favorites!




    In my family this is the time of the year we get real pumped. We love Christmas it has always been a a time of great laughs and memories. I never want to forget however what it really is all about, the celebration of the birth of Jesus. He was born so we could live. He came here on earth just to save us from our sins, I could not think of a better reason to celebrate.

    Go enjoy yourself with all the shopping, decorating and gift giving, I know I will, but never forget to take the time to sit back and remember the real reason for the season.

    Oh and here is a little Christmas eye candy! ENJOY!



     About two weeks ago one of my best friends and sister, Amber got engaged to her now fiance Chris.
The entire family is thrilled, and I can not wait to start my duties as Maid of Honor and start planning. I loved planning my wedding and I can not wait to get creative, searching blogs, looking up ideas and making mood boards this is right up my ally. I will be posting updates at a later date maybe some ideas nothing final of course that can not been seen until the wedding!