half marathon=check

     It has been forever since I have been able to post. I believe I know the reason as well. The last post I did was on us registering for the Safari Park Half Marathon. Now I am posting that I accomplished my girl and last sunday, May 6-2012 I finished my first half marathon!! I can not believe it! Crossing that finish line was such an adrenaline rush...I am thinking dare I say round two soon?!?! Here are a few photos from D day.



                  One of my closest girlfriends and myself decided to do a half marathon this may, sort of a bucket list type thing. Meaning the training has begun. I was hesitant to write anything about it until I had a number of miles under my belt, just in case I became a chicken. Then again if I post it for the world to see maybe it will be even more of a motivation to stick to it. I am pretty excited about it all and the best part about it, it will be held at The San Diego Zoo which is just to perfect for me. Here is the link to get more information about the run, halfmarathon.html.

                  Have any of you run a half marathon or even crazier a full marathon? If anyone has any tips or advice on running those lengths I would love to hear from you!! Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend and great Monday!


vacation lovin' part 2

I love them so much
p.s. I love my dad very much as well not sure
why we didn't get a picture together lol!

 The boys the boys
 Sisterly love
 The hubby and out little boys
 Captain America
 The food monsters
My momma


vacation lovin' part 1

        We are back from our vacation now meaning we are still working through the vacation blues wishing we were there for another few weeks. It was a fantastic trip everything from family time spent in North Carolina, to our mini road trip down to florida and the wonderful Disney Bahama cruise. I wanted to post a few pictures from our trip like I said I would so here we go!

This is a historical house in N.C which is absolutely stunning. Here are a few
photos from the tour we took of the house and property. To give you an
idea of the size of the property it is about 140 Central Parks put together,
and to top it off the designer of Central Park did the landscape here as well.

I will post more pictures later!


vacation bound

     I know I have been away way to long and for that I am sorry. We are actually on vacation in North Carolina then we road trip down to Florida for a mini cruise to the Bahamas. I will update more later with details and pictures!!




             The Christmas season is coming to an end and I need to admit that I always get the Christmas blues. I know I am too old now to really be feeling that, but the hubby and I both just love this time of year so much. We do have a few more holiday celebrations coming up like New Year's this weekend, and in a few short weeks another Christmas with my family in N.C. I am sorry if some of you are sick of reading and seeing all things Christmas, but this will be my last. I just lied I will most likely post a few pictures from our family Christmas so sorry to all you Christmas haters. I hope your holiday season was blessed and filled with all of the people you love and cherish the most.

My brother in law reading the True Christmas story.

 My brother in law, hubby and father in law they are all so handsome.



       I wanted to do a quick follow up to my post the other day on interior decorating ideas that can be taken from fashion. I discovered this amazing photo from Layers of Meaning via Pinterest.

This photo is beautiful and it inspired me to do a mini home translation.
P.s I would love to us my olioboard on this, but it is not loving me right now.