It is times like these that we need to set aside our differences, and really come together to help those who are in a far worse state then we are in. The events that have been taking place in Japan are horrific. We need to take this time to really be thinking and praying about ways we can help. Whether it is by prayer, financially, or even just sending letters of support to the people hurting in Japan. There are some great websites, and organizations out there that have been helping since the moment the earthquake happened. Websites such as http://www.samaritanspurse.org/, http://www.billygraham.org,%20anwww.american.redcross.org/http://www.american.redcross.org/, and http://www.hopeletters.org/  plus many others that are doing what they can to help. I say this week we all challenge ourselves to not only be praying for the people in Japan, but also to see what other creative ways we can bless them!!


One cheerful livingroom

This is my vision of a cheerful livingroom. What I wouldn't give to be cuddle up on this beautiful Moroccan sofa watching a flick with my husband and bebop. This sofa was originally featured on Design*Sponge awhile back, but I felt the need to bring it back it is just to beautiful to pass up!
...A few little yellow side tables would be a cute contrast to the sharpness of the black&white.
...Simple White Ceramic Lamps for the sunny tables
...Bring in a modern ghost coffee table...
...Place a beautiful timeless clock directly above the sofa...
....Long flowing white curtains to frame that beautiful sofa plus a few bright pillows, and to top it all
off a few vases of flowers...because nothing tops off a cheery room then bringing in gorgeous flowers!!
This is just my idea of a fun room....if you have any comments or ideas please share :)!!



Well I thought I would start out the image of the week with a photo of my hubby and I at our wedding! The beautiful photography was done by my brother in law, Kyle Vaughn, of Kyle Vaughn Photography. Hope you enjoy!!



I am so excited to start this blog....it has definately been a long time coming. I just wanted to be able to showcase all of the things that bring so much love into my life. Just a few of those loves include...my AMAZING husband, Ricky, we are coming up to our one year of marriage...our little wienie dog, BEBOP......my passion for design...my obsession with travel...and my addiction to food!! These are just a few things that make me smile throughout the day!! I am also a big supporter of all things that aid, protect and save animals, they are some of God's greatest creations. Finally my love for God, without HIM I am nothing!! I hope you enjoy reading this. I am no pro so there WILL be mess ups, but doesn't that just bring a little bit of character I like to think so!! :)